Palletways Technology Benefits

Palletways is determined to ensure every pallet reaches its desired destination safely and securely. To achieve this objective, we deploy innovative technologies that not only add value for our customers, but drive efficiency across the supply chain.

Our development and implementation of innovative new technologies has seen us win awards across our sector and pan industry providing independent recognition of our achievements.

Digital Information Hub 

Providing operational and customer data in real-time, our digital information hub improves processes, communication, traffic planning and vehicle utilisation.  

Pallet Track and Trace 

Our award winning technological solutions offer total visibility allowing deliveries to be monitored from start to finish, in real-time. 

Mobile Proof of Delivery 

On arrival, digital proof of delivery is sent with the name, date, barcode and signature to all parties involved in the transaction. This can be received via PC, tablet or mobile and provides ultimate peace-of-mind. 

Palletways Archway Scanning System 

Our unique scanning system photographs every pallet as it enters the hub. This provides full visibility of both vehicle and pallet movements, eliminating missing pallets, damage, theft and security issues, and reducing our vulnerability against false insurance claims.

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