Stay at Home Staycations Drive Spike in Palletised ‘Summer’ Stock

Domestic garden showing rocks, fence and waterfall

Pandemic drives increasing number of plants on pallets

The growth in movement of plants, garden equipment and DIY products on pallets is expected to continue for the remainder of the year and into next year says Michael Sterk, chief commercial officer at the Palletways Group, as families carry out improvement projects and spend more time at home while uncertainty around international travel remains.

As new data reveals a boom in the start-up of online shops during the pandemic with home and garden businesses amongst the most popular[1], the Palletways Group, Europe’s largest and fastest growing express palletised freight network and part of JSE-listed Imperial Logistics (Imperial), has also witnessed a change in products coming through its European hubs since the start of the year.

The movement of garden and DIY, garden and furniture products has helped increase Palletways’ B2C shipments to around 30 per cent and products such as hot tubs are also amongst the most popular freight moved by the Palletways Group, driven by consumers who are spending more time at home.

Sterk added: “We typically start to move what we deem are seasonal products from around the start of spring when homeowners’ thoughts traditionally turn to home improvement projects. However, we noticed a spike much earlier this year which we attribute to a combination of the wave of new gardeners that have emerged, with the growing number of people getting involved with at-home projects and those who are now spending more time outdoors.

“Our European networks have reported a significant year-on-year volume growth relating to the movement of products including sand, aggregate and garden ornaments via Palletwaysonline. Our teams have worked exceptionally hard to ensure the dependable flow of these seasonal items.”

Palletways recently launched the industry’s first palletised freight product specifically for home deliveries. The new Pallets to Consumers (P2C) service is for companies who sell directly to the end consumer and need a reliable delivery partner to get their product to its destination.

“We’ve spent many years meeting the transportation needs of businesses from DIY equipment to garden supplies and home accessories. We have robust processes in place along with unrivalled service excellence to ensure that retailers looking for a reliable, capable partner can now deliver products safely to customers’ homes with P2C”, said Sterk.



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