Palletways Group Celebrates 15 Years of Growth and Innovation in Portugal

Line of Palletways trucks

The Palletways Group is celebrating 15 successful years in Portugal, marked by great results, constant growth and rapid innovation to adapt to changing market needs.

Portugal has fast become an important and strategic territory for the Palletways Group. Since the launch of the Iberia network in 2008, the Portuguese market has been regarded as a benchmark in the sector, marking a track record of success and commitment to its customers and members.

The Palletways Group has invested heavily in Portugal which is currently served by four members: founder member Garland, Moldtrans Portugal, along with two recent additions, TMB and Rangel.

Collectively, these members moved more than 85,000 pallets in Portugal, with a growth of more than 10% (as at end 2022) compared to the number of pallets moved in 2021, working across various sectors including automotive, household appliances, construction, textile, plastic accessories, packaging, and stationery.

One of the main factors behind Palletways' success in Portugal has been its ability to adapt to changing market needs and offer customized logistics solutions to its customers. By implementing advanced technologies, the company has continuously improved its supply chain management processes, ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of products throughout the region and peninsula.

The Palletways Group is committed to annual expansion in Iberia to strengthen its offering and provide the most efficient service in this territory.

Luis Zubialde, CEO for Palletways Group said: “We take pride in celebrating 15 successful years in Portugal, a crucial territory for us and a strong contributor to the overall success of the Palletways Group.

"Our expansion into Portugal was a turning point in the palletized express distribution sector, bringing an innovative approach and an unwavering commitment to quality and service excellence.

Over the past 15 years, we have built a solid reputation based on trust and reliability and we will continue to do so, working and improving every day. Special mention must go to all those who form part of Palletways Iberia, customers and our members for their continuous support, without them we would not have come this far.

“Our presence in Portugal has been fundamental to our international European network, providing customers and Palletways members across the continent with the opportunity to move their goods efficiently.

“As we enter our 16th year, we do so with excellent results and a commitment for continuous growth and improvement. The accomplishments within this territory are down to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our Portuguese team, who consistently deliver exceptional levels of customer service and provide in-depth industry and regional knowledge to their customers.”

Palletways’ investment in R&D is designed to offer its customers the most innovative services that adapt to new market needs.  As a result, members in the region have access to cutting-edge technological systems such as the Premium 12, Premium 14, PalletwaysOnline and Pallets to Consumers (P2C) services, as well as the Auto Book-In system, an option that allows customers to choose the time and day of delivery of goods, and the Hubdrop service for large-volume international customers.


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