Preparing for the delivery of your pallet

Our pallet deliveries are designed for the safety of our delivery drivers and our customers. This step by step guide shows you what to expect when your pallet is delivered.






Notify Palletways of any parking/weight restriction prior to delivery date

You will receive a notification that we are delivering your pallet.  Please advise us of any restrictions such as double yellow lines or weight limits.

No inclined plane for unloading pallet

To keep our delivery drivers safe, we cannot deliver pallets on an incline especially off a tail lift.

Gravel, grass, soft surface not suitable for delivery

Pump trucks are used to move your pallet so we cannot deliver over soft ground, grass or gravel.

Unloading location is at driver’s discretion

Our drivers will use their discretion to deem whether it is safe to deliver your pallet.  This is for the benefit of them and you.

Have someone to inspect and sign for the pallet

Please ensure someone is available to inspect and sign for your pallet, otherwise delivery cannot be made.

Your delivery checklist

Curb side delivery only at driver's discretion.

Location should be solid flat ground. No gravel, grass or soft ground.

Unloading location should not be an incline.

Customer to advice any parking resctriction, weight restriction.

Customer should be available to inspect and sign for the pallet.

Contact us or watch our "Rules for Delivering your Pallet" video below for more info.


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Rules for delivering your pallet


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