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Pallet distribution network & Membership

Palletways members are the heart of our business.  We select members based on their integrity, drive, ambition and most of all, their adherence to our core values which are the cornerstones of the Palletways business.  We deliver value to our customers and our members through successful collaboration and the integration of our innovative technology.

When a member joins Palletways, they become part of one of the largest international logistics companies, Imperial- Logistics, plus they get access to the latest cloud based technology and the largest network of palletised freight distributors in Europe.  This allows small logistics companies to offer services internationally that they would not have been able to previously.  We invest in our members so they can be successful, and in turn, we are successful.

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Why become a Member?

Using collaboration and dynamic innovation we deliver with these core values:

European Network – the most extensive network providing unmatched revenue generating potential

Support – experienced team of professionals providing full support to your business

Palletways brand – our brand has built credibility and developed a track record of success which will benefit you

IT Solutions – award winning IT solutions that provide time and cost savings to your business

Using collaboration and dynamic innovation we deliver with these core values:

Peer Network – established network of independent logistics companies

Commitment to Quality – Palletways commitment to service quality and reduction of environmental impact, as well as commitment to our people via Investors in People



In Cab Printing

Palletways digital information hub collates all the information about a shipment which allows for labels to be printed in the cab of the collecting vehicle.


Mobile Proof of Delivery

Upon delivery of a shipment, a digital proof of delivery is sent showing the date, name, barcode, and signature which can be received on all devices to all parties involved in the transaction.


Digital Information Hub

Our innovative digital information hub and app offer significant cost savings in terms of time and money with a range of tools that visibly improve your business.


Pallet Track & Trace

The Palletways digital information hub collects real time information on shipments within the Palletways network which allows for consignments to be tracked from collection to delivery.


Palletways Archway Scanning System

Our unique Archway scanning system photographs every pallet as it enters the hub providing full visibility of your pallet, eliminating damage, theft and security issues.

How to become a member


Fill in the form and send a request


We'll get in touch with you discuss the conditions


Enjoy a reliable partnership

Please contact us for additional information about Palletways and the solutions we can deliver for you


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