Iberia celebrates operational excellence

Palletways Truck

More than 200 member companies, staff and the management team, including Luizs Zubialde, Chief Executive Officer for Palletways Group, recently came together to celebrate ‘operational excellence’ across Palletways’ Iberian network.

Delegates at Palletways’ annual convention discussed 2019 results and set strategic actions for the remainder of 2020. Gregorio Hernando, General Manager of Palletways Iberia, officially opened the event. He expressed his delight with the level of success over the previous year and announced that the network looks set to exceed one million pallets at the end of this financial year – a record figure for the Iberian team. He thanked the team for the efforts which has enabled the network to double in size over five years.

Jorge Blanch, Director of Corporate Sales for Palletways Iberia, spoke about international transport and how over the previous year, the network experienced a three-fold increase in pallet movements.

The IT and Operations teams spoke about hub efficiency through use of the latest and most innovative technological tools. Ángel Gausinet, Director of Business Development, added: “The Iberian network is growing above the average rate for the sector. It’s vital we carry on with this upward trend if we’re to continue to grow in quantity and quality.”

Luis thanked everyone for their contribution to ongoing success of the Iberian network. He concluded: “Everyone in the room is a key player in helping us to achieve new goals and exceed expectations. In a challenging market, I’d urge everyone to remain motivated to further improve the quality of our services.”



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