Member Testimonials

We work side by side with a number of excellent partners that allow us to deliver a world-class pallet courier service across Europe.

Hastings Freight, Alan Hastings

Hastings Freight Logo

Our business has grown dramatically in recent years, even through the recession. On the first night of trading with Palletways we only had two pallets, now we are up to 1,000 pallets every 24 hours, so we have really come a long way in such a short space of time. Our success comes from a combination of a strong work ethic, a great team, smart prospecting by defining prime target markets and of course being a member of the UK’s premier palletised freight network

Reasons Transport, Alan Reason

Reasons Transport Logo

Palletways has been instrumental in helping us get into corporate businesses that as a family company we would not normally get into. Palletways has been fundamental in growing our business, we have had the support of the telemarketing team so it has been brilliant for that. 


Walkers Transport, Graham Short

Walkers Transport Logo

If there is a delivery to be done on the south coast into a shop this is certainly something we couldn’t achieve, especially efficiently. So the Palletways network is ideal for this because every driver and every depot has local knowledge. We feel that the Palletways volumes can be relied on every night of the week and we are delighted to commit to a very long term partnership.

International Forwarding Ltd, Lynsey Cotton

International Forwarding Logo

Our membership with Palletways has added a valuable dimension to our business. One factor that really stands out is the sophisticated IT infrastructure. We have been able to fully integrate our own IT system with that of Palletways. We also use the Palletways network extensively for collections outside our normal operating area, so we can offer a 24 hour delivery service to all parts of the UK.

Systematic Logistics International Ltd, Richard Triolo

Being a member of Palletways means that we are part of the largest and fasted growing business within this sector. We have been with the network from day one and our business grown significantly. 

The Palletways brand holds a reputation of quality and efficiently. At a local level and now an international level, this ethos is very much in line with our own brand positioning. 

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