Pallet Delivery Services

Palletways provides pallet collection and delivery services to the UK and the rest of Europe through a pallet delivery network of over 350 members.

With 13 European hubs and over 400 local depots we have the infrastructure necessary to deliver a high quality and efficient service every time.

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Based in Lichfield, [LC1] Palletways UK is responsible for all UK collection and delivery services. Operating through 4 hubs and working with over 106 local network members, Palletways UK offers a full range of pallet delivery services throughout its catchment area.

International Pallet Delivery Services

Based in Switzerland, Palletways Europe GmbH (PEG) is responsible for all international collection and delivery operations. Working with 350+ local network members, Palletways’ international network is designed to offer high quality pallet collection and delivery services across the continent. Supported by the latest technology, you’ll have total visibility of your package, from collection, all the way through to delivery, anywhere in Europe.

Our Pallet Delivery Services


Our fastest priority service, pallets are typically delivered within 48 hours. Only available on specific routes.


Our express service, pallets are delivered fast to anywhere in Europe. Available on all routes.


Our standard and best value service, pallets are typically delivered between 3 and 7 days. Available on all routes.

How Our Pallet Delivery Services Work

Our pallet delivery services are simple, fast and efficient. In just 4 easy steps, your goods get from A to B with the help of our pallet network.

Step 1

A network member collects the pallet from within their local catchment area and transports it to the nearest Palletways hub.

Step 2

On arrival, the pallet is processed using our innovative IT solutions.

Step 3

From here, the pallet is sorted according to its destination post code. If it’s an international order, it’s sent to one of our European hubs*.

Step 4

Finally, the pallet is picked up by the network member who covers the delivery address and transported to its final destination.

At Palletways, we’re dedicated to making a genuine and positive impact on our customers’ business performance.

We’re regularly making extensive investments in our network infrastructure and IT solutions to ensure we provide our customers with the very best pallet delivery service possible. This is reflected in our IT solutions, which give you all the information you need to effectively control your supply chain. This can be accessed via our online tools or you can sign into our customer portal.

*All Pan-European services are provided by Palletways Europe GmbH (PEG)

Why Choose Palletways

Why you should choose Palletways for all of your pallet delivery and collection requirements.


  • We are Europe’s largest pallet delivery network, delivering 30,000 pallets a day
  • Our market leading position allows us to deliver unrivalled efficiency and customer service through effective scalability
  • Our extensive network coverage ensures there is always a delivery point nearby, allowing for optimal efficiency and flexibility


  • We are independently recognised for best in class standards [LC2]
  • We are an award winning independently credited pallet delivery network
  • We offer the widest service range available in the market


  • We always push the boundaries to deliver greater customer value and satisfaction
  • Our cutting edge technologies improve service offering and add value for our customers

Information Technology 

  • Our award winning single European IT platform provides total real-time data visibility, consistency and transparency 24/7/365
  • Our Palletways Archways Scanning System (P.A.S.S) records and photographs every pallet and vehicle


  • We build long term business relationships with members and customers alike
  • We offer our partners long term contracts to ensure we consistently deliver customer service excellence
  • Our Palletways Network Members prioritise their activity from us and this ensures deliveries are properly resourced and treated with great care
  • Our Network makes up the majority of our partner’s turnover and profit


  • We optimise route planning and vehicle usage to reduce waste and environmental impact
  • Our locally based members ensure the delivery distance travelled and emissions are reduced
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