How to place an order

Placing an order with Palletways couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is contact your local member.

Once placed, it’s easy to follow your order from collection to delivery online.

The Delivery Cycle

Your local Palletways member collects your freight. They’ll take your order to the local collection depot.

The goods are then taken to one of the Palletways hub operations located across Europe.

When the consignment arrives at the hub, it’s sorted by the destination’s postcode.

If it’s an international order, it’s transported to one of the international hubs in the destination country. All Pan-European services are provided by Palletways Europe GmbH.

Your order is then dispatched and delivered by the local member from your consignment’s destination postcode.

You can track your order throughout its journey. Delivery times will vary and are dependent on location.