Palletways Member Recruitment

Palletways was founded in 1994 and has grown to be Europe’s largest palletised freight network. We now have over 300 Network Members.

  • 300+ Network Members
  • Unrivalled freight services
  • Supporting Members’ commercial development

Our members and customers benefit from an unrivalled range of high quality palletised freight services. 

We are dedicated to providing a service which exceeds expectations and to provide our members with valuable and sustainable growth. 

We only recruit members who can uphold and improve these rigorous standards.

Our current members range from new start ups to those businesses developed through generations of the same family, but each is exceptional in the service it provides to customers.

Each of our members have sole contractual rights to a defined geographical area, in most cases with a long term contract. This means that continuity can be assured for customers and investors alike. Each has an area tailored to meet both its financial and operational capabilities.

“..cooperation should go beyond the collection and delivery of freight.”

At Palletways we believe that cooperation should go beyond the collection and delivery of palletised freight. We operate a number of working groups to provide networking opportunities, to share best practice, provide training and to reward success.

We continually support the commercial development of our members with an extensive range of support services – including Marketing, Telemarketing, Sales Training, Product Management and Commercial Strategy & Planning.

*All Pan-European services are provided by Palletways Europe GmbH.